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Spumante 2 

Piemonte DOC Cortese Spumante Extra Dry



 Piemonte DOC Cortese Sparkling wine is a type of sparkling wine from the Piedmont region. It 'a white wine, sparkling, dry and light. It is produced using a minimum 85% Cortese grapes.
Our Piemonte Doc  Cortese Spumante is extra dry, obtained using 85% Cortese grapes and the remainder using native grapes that round in flavor and aroma, making it unique and excellent, similar to the famous Prosecco.
The Cortese grape is one of the oldest white grape varieties grown in Piedmont, well adapted to the  climate of Piedmont which is hot in the summer and cold in winter, and to the Piedmontese soil of these wineyards, which is calcareous, argillaceous and tuffaceous , mostly hilly.
So we have decided to produce this sparkling wine, with its special characteristics of flavor and aroma which distinguish it from the others extra dry sparkling wines; thus demonstrating that by Cortese grapes  and minimally united to other native grapes we can also get an excellent sparkling wine.
For its production it is used only healthy grapes, selected and to the right level of maturity, which are soft pressed without separating the berries from the stalks  and then started the first fermentation in steel vat.
It is then left to age on its lees for a few months and then make the second fermentation in autoclaves according to Martinotti-Charmat method.
The result is a light sparkling wine, with a pleasant dry taste but sweet residue, the scent is refined and persistent, full of aromas of  fresh fruit. The taste and the smell of our sparkling wine recall flavors and aromas of the grapes from which is derived, and are naturally produced by himself without artifice.
Preserve the bottles in cool, dark, then cool the wine and then serve it on the table at about 8° C, it can be served as an aperitif but also to combine with first and second courses, especially if based on fish.

This sparkling wine is produced from vineyards in conversion to organic, but we are convinced that, rather than the organic wine statement, it is important to list the main chemical and physical analysis of the wine as here below attached, and who are the "identity card "wine, a real demonstration of the quality of our product.


Bottles of 0.750 l
Vintage 216
Alcoholic degreee : 12%
Serving temperature: 8°C
Pack of 6 bottles


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