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ORGOGLIO DEL DRAGO (¨Dragon´s Pride¨)


To produce this particular wine were reacquired ancient techniques of cultivation and vinification almost forgotten, combined with new knowledge and technologies. Always the grapes of these vineyards were used by farmers to give richness, body, color to wines produced with grapes from other vineyards ... was in fact considered a great cru.
The vineyards that produce it are located in the Monferrato and between Murisengo and Odalengo Grande at an altitude of between 300-400 meters above sea level. The regions climate characterized by long and cold winters (we get to temperatures 10 to 20 ° C below zero), humid and rainy springs and hot and dry summers (sometimes hot, with " African bubbles" with temperatures near 40 ° C, as in 2011) helps to improve the production of grapes that reach high peaks of quality in all their components. These vineyards are exposed mainly to the south / south-east land "patchy" with a mixture of limestone, clay and tuff. For several years the vines are grown in such a way as to achieve maximum fruit quality. The training system is Guyot spur with low (6-7 buds in total) with plant densities ranging between 5.000/6.000 plants / ha. The yield is approximately 1 kg. of grapes each vine, fruit of a strict thinning that occurs with a pruning in early summer to eliminate the double buds and shoots, followed by a green harvest just after veraison with the elimination of approximately 50% of the clusters.
A further step in 10-15 days distance to evaluate such clusters have not benefited from previous thinning and accuse delay in maturation, these must be removed (10-15%). The selection made so you can have a complete ripening of the grapes that come with a peel very thick and black, with a taste so sweet that "takes you in the throat," just perceived acidity. The slightly overripe further accentuate the feeling of plum, caramel, spice, then we will find in the wine. The grapes are harvested manually and delicately pressed to separate the juice from the stalks and husks.
The fermentation occurs in stainless steel vats at controlled temperature (25-27 ° C) and provides the time necessary for complete extraction of anthocyanins and polyphenols from grape skins (usually 10-15 days.), interspersed with light "remounting".
Following pouring, follows "stagnating" of 10 days approximately (depending on outside temperature) to separate the wine from dregs, then wine is put in large french oak barrels (20-22 hl.) for about 12 months, useful process to fix components of the wine with the tannins they sold and give elegance, complexity and structure to the wine.

Orgoglio de Drago is a unique wine, fruit maturation occurred in a large French oak barrels, conducted with the manual steps of "battonages" made with a slight movement in the barrel by a stainless steel stick (to avoid contamination), useful to be continually in suspension the components of wine.

Orgoglio del Drago 2011 is the result of an experiment that has the intention of returning to produce a Barbera unfortunately devalued by the recent markets. The result is encouraging: it can also just opened "angry", it needs a little time to better express their potential: the color is intense ruby red, the nose makes an immediate impression with notes of licorice, plum jam with hints olfactory progressing recall the cranberry and black cherry , to give way to a good minerality, light "goudron" and hints of bitter chocolate. Inside the mouth it has a large volume and length while maintaining an appealing freshness (the result of good rib acid). Doesn't fear the years of aging and doesn't fear the days after opening, rather it is essential to open the bottle in advance (a couple of hours at least) before to drink. Orgoglio del Drago is right to the typical dishes of our Monferrato (ravioli, soups, stir-fry "Monferrina", braised veal and especially the Grand Mixed boiled Monferrina composed by "testina", muscle, shoulder, tail, "scaramella", tongue and pork sausage. Mr. Alessandro Scorsone internationally renowned sommeiller as deemed our wine "a wine comparable to the most important italian wines" and advises us to always present it as a wine company ("for bread and salame"), so as to impress your friends with its pleasantness.

 Want to know why the name  ¨Orgoglio del Drago¨?


The technical characteristics of this great wine are:
Bottles of 0.750 l
Vintage 2011 - 2012
Grapes: Barbera at 95%, ancient native vines in the vineyard present 5%.
Harvest time: late to complete maturation drying and lightweight.
Yield: / hectare Grape 50-60 - 30-35 hl in wine about.
Alcoholic degree: 15.50 - 15.00 %
Serving temperature: 16-18°C
Pack of 6 bottles


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