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Old Bottels
 Our winery and vineyards are located in the ¨Monferrato¨, a very special area of the Piedmont region in Northern Italy adjoining the provinces of Turin and Asti. The Langhe wine region is just to the South-West of us.
Our company headquarters is in the small town of Murisengo in the foothills of the Alps, about 1.200 feet above sea level. The Monferrato is an area rich in history with ancient churches and castles but is primarily comprised of lush woods, fields of farm crops and beautiful rolling hills covered in vineyards. In spite of its beauty, the Monferrato has not yet been discovered by tourists, remaining thus a precious ¨back door adventure¨ for those who travel through. While the varieties of grapes that thrive here are the jewels of the Monferrato, the "pearl" of the region is the much sought-after truffle. Both white and black varieties grow beneath the soil , most often near the roots of trees.
Truffle hunters and their trained dogs can be found traipsing through the fields and woods during the truffle season. It is a most rewarding effort as truffles can sell at high prices. It is no wonder the truffle hunters are most secretive as to their hunting places. Gourmets can sample the special truffle dishes in a number of our area's upmarket restaurants. The soil has different compositions and is typically ¨patchy¨, with alternating layers of sandstone, chalk marls, limestone and clay being the perfect combination to grow vintage grapes, like Grignolino.
There is reliable evidence that testifies that as far back as 1200 this variety of grape was already cultivated and was also used by the Holy See as a gift for the Royal families of those times. The House of Savoy also bought the best Grignolino from Murisengo .
Our oldest varieties of red wines are :Barbera and Grignolino.
Our more recent wines are : Dolcetto and Bonarda (red) and Cortese (white). Around the year 1000, Emperor Otto I° of Saxony asked the Marquis of Aleramo to defend the territory, now called ¨Alto Monferrato¨ (¨The High Monferrato¨) which covers the province of Alessandria to the borders with the province of Savona, from the incursions of pirates coming from the nearby French Riviera and Liguria. Legend has it that a legal document stated that the Marquis of Aleramo was asked to prove his strength by riding for three days and three nights without stopping, and the area that he managed to cover with this ride would then become his by right.
The Marquis of Aleramo succeded in accomplishing this difficult test but during the ride, his horse lost a shoe.
With an improvised tool (a brick- in the local dialet: ¨mun¨), the Marquis reshod his horse (thus horse-shoe, or iron in the local dialet is: ¨fer¨, or ¨frà¨). Thus was born the name Mun-Fra, today Monferrato.

Top wines - Dragon´s Pride

Vai alla scheda tecnico

ORGOGLIO DEL DRAGO (¨Dragon´s Pride¨) Gr. 15,50%

To produce this particular wine were reacquired ancient techniques of cultivation and vinification almost forgotten, combined with new knowledge and technologies. Always the grapes of these vineyards were used by farmers to give richness, body, color to wines produced with grapes from other vineyards ... was in fact considered a great cru..........


Top wines - Time of Baccus

Tempo Bacco

TEMPO DI BACCO (¨Time of Baccus¨)

This wine is the result of a selection of the best grapes from the best vineyards of Monferrato, exposed mainly to the south, southeast and composed by mixed soils, known as ¨patchy¨ (limestone, tuff and clay). The growing system is Guyot low, with a plant density of 5000-6000 vines / ha, producing around 1-1.5 kg. per plant obtained by mechanical vegetation control, green pruning and pre-harvest soft thinning to obtain the best products......


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